Terms and Conditions


Mufsuf Motors has a very good platform for waybill-messages, in which all payment will be made according to it weighing dimension. Two steps to send waybill-messages are:



First Officer: To check and list out the content therein & negotiate the Price.



Second Officer: To confirm and entered the waybill-message content to the system, then print four (4) copies of receipt with payment. One should be placed on the message body, one for driver, one to the first officer and the other one customer take home as evident which ought to be kept properly against any reclamation. Therefore; customer should always request for their take home printout receipts.

“Meanwhile” MUFSUF MOTORS frown at any customer given out message to a driver, individual, staff, or passenger in this park. For any letdown on these processes provided should have his/her-self to blame, in-respective of your caliber.


Check in closes 1hour before the estimated time of departure. To ensure timely departure, we recommend that commuters honour this as departure time will not be extended and a fee of five hundred Naira (N500) will be applicable for reschedule due to lateness or no show. In a situation where the fare of the new trip is higher than the old trip, the tourist will also be required to pay the differential. Note that all reschedules/ re-routing requests are subject to vehicle and seat availability on desired route. Also, note that in the event of change due to re-routing, tourist is not guaranteed a preferred seat choice.

Bookings and Reservation

Bookings and reservations made in advance are subject to availability of vehicles. In the event that we are unable to fulfill your reservation, affected commuter will either be refunded or rescheduled to another departure time at no cost.

Luggage Allowance

Weighing Officer: All commuters are entitled to 10kg Luggage for comfort and safety purposes, 10kg Echolac Box is the maximum & the highest weight Mufsuf Motors is given out free to all our patrons. But we do accommodate any luggage its dimensions exceed this standard requirement, by extra seat or price negotiation with a covered computer printout receipt from our Billing center. Excess luggage will be conveying by purchasing an extra seat to accommodate it or by the means of Waybill/chartered etc. Note: luggage in Mufsuf Motors should is done by check-in to ensure we identify the actual owner of every load. Baggage such as Ghana must go and other baggage’s is to check in properly in the present of Protest Attendant Officer to avoid uncertain reports and mourning from our patrons. Therefore; no load should be placed inside the buses until check-in is completed.
We recommend the use of flexible traveling boxes as plastic boxes are acceptable on our buses, by getting an extra seat to accommodate it. This is because these boxes are not only fragile; they are also quite difficult to manipulate which basically cause challenge during luggage loading activities.
Due to the ban by the Nigeria Customs on the importation of some food commodities, for commuters carrying rice, our allowable limit is 100Kg per bus. Outside of this, consult our waybill department in other to convey it smoothly when there is less load going. Fragile item such as electronics, plastic, laptops and other valuable items are not to be placed on the trunk of our vehicles, but should be carried as hand luggage. Please note that dangerous materials such as gas cylinders should be empty or dropped, generators, building materials, fuel in gallons, agrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides; etc. are permissible on our vehicles with an instruction from the Management. Commuters are also advised to monitor their luggage till their final destination.

Refund Policy

Mufsufmotors.com has a no refund policy for all tickets duly purchased from any of its sales channels. commuter with unused tickets are advised to use them as soon as possible as ticket validity is secured until one (1) month from date of purchase after which the ticket becomes invalid. To utilize unused tickets within the validity period, kindly send an email to support@mufsufmotors.com or mufsufmotors2017@gmail.com with new itinerary before proposed travel date.

NB: all reschedules/ re-routing requests are subject to vehicle, commuter is not guaranteed a preferred seat choice.

Managing Reservations (Rescheduling and Rerouting)

Commuter who experience payment related issues and requires refund are advised to contact their banks directly. This excludes bank transfer transactions. Refund request originating from bank transfers can be processed by sending an email to mufsufmotors2017@gmail.com. Once we confirm that funds were acquired and the account number to be credited has been provided by the commuter, a refund will be made within seven (7) to twenty one (21) working days.

Error debits on online transactions

commuter are advised to contact their banks should they require a refund due to double debits, debits without value on card transactions or (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) USSD payments without value using our online booking platform. Refund request originating from bank transfers can be processed by sending an email to Mufsufmotors2017@gmail.com. Once we confirm that funds were acquired and the account number to be credited presented, refund will be made within seven (7) to twenty one (21) working days.

Price Changes

Prices are subject to change without prior notice to commuters due to unforeseen economic circumstances.

Animals and pets onboard

Mufsuf Motors conveys humans and not animals or pets. Some plight attracted animal but will not discourage our customers, because we know that human being are very superior to other animals. This should be done by a negotiation of payment to ensure it smooth transport.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited while on board

Sale of Tickets

Please note that Mufsuf Motors bus tickets are not transferable and cannot be resold to anyone else.

Departure time

While we will do all within our control to ensure we comply with communicated departure times, in cases, where unforeseen circumstances occur, please note that we are at liberty to alter the departure time without prior notice or compensation. This may have an effect on seat selection and bus type.

Ticket Validity

Purchased but un-used tickets not used to travel have a validity of one (1) month from date of purchase, as long as the amount paid for the cancelled journey is not less than the cost of the proposed journey, in the event that it is, you will be required to pay the difference.

Lost/Forgotten Items

Commuters are advised to monitor their luggage while at our terminals or in our vehicles. Should any item be stolen, lost or forgotten, we will not be held legally responsible. Found but unclaimed properties will be kept for a maximum of 30 days before it is disposed of (except perishable items which will be discarded the same day if unclaimed to prevent contamination)

In transit Breakdown

As a company, we recognize the importance of self-justifying maintenance, and we practice it dutifully to reduce and possibly eliminate transit breakdowns. However in the event that it does happen, commuters are requested to contact our HEAD OFFICE using. 08060149112, 07085915538 OR 08093242529, 07035132991, 08162800927. And for vehicle conditions that needed urgent attention please does call any number from the listed workstation numbers provided below in-case Lagos is very far from you than the location you‘re heading to. Such as, buses going OWO - ABUJA: Call Abuja center: 07033060503, 08075501970. Buses going OSOGBO - OMUARAN: Call center: 07030718885, Buses going OYO - ILORIN: Call 08109529911, 08039332646, and Buses around OGERE, IBADAN is to call: 09022853603. In other to provide a replacement vehicle within a stipulated possible time. And situation where Mufsuf Motors agreed to provide an alternative vehicle to complete the trip, please Do Note that tickets cannot be reused nor repay. For queries and enquiries on issues not addressed above, kindly reach our care team via email or Call Center mobile using mufsufmotors2017gmail.com or 08060149112, 07085915538. Kindly note Mufsuf Motors above terms and conditions.

Travels and Tours


With active routes, MUFSUF MOTORS does not work in pride but your safety is our pride carrier, Our current setting to all our workstation will speak to redefine MUFSUF MOTORS, amongst others, here in Lagos. Ilorin and Abuja These platforms represent our vigorous commitment to building lasting legacies that would generate the most favorable atmosphere for our people and customers.


Our tour services are highly customized, have the most comfort feel with the association Buses with live and on-board entertainment packages are dedicated to this service.


Our tour services are highly customized, have the most comfort feel with the association Buses with live and on-board entertainment packages are dedicated to this service.


When you talk about safety, have mufsufmotors.com at the back of your mind. For we have come to the position of change in all round state of reasoning and speaking. Now MUFSUF MOTORS is engaged to ACCURATE in SERVICE, RELIABILITY, MOTIVATION and SAFETY.
We run with a safety background that is up to the balance of the global best practice. We understand the importance of safety in transportation from one destination to the other.
From the training and retraining of our Drivers, but will soon set-up routes highway patrol teams, in order to track-down speed driving to ensure safety, we are setting the pace in the organization to achieving our goal of 100% safety.
Partner with us today in this “TOTAL SAFETY” mission by calling our customer care lines if you find abnormality in our safety procedure.
We utilized humility in taking you safely to your loved ones.

Customer Service

Who says road travel can’t be comfortable? If you like the word conveniences, then we are your first love. At mufsufmotors.com, we believe that Customers deserve good service. This is why customer experience is the building block for all our processes. The use of technology and constant improvement and modernization are all designed at improving passenger road travel experience in Nigeria. Our mobile applications for booking and advanced bus tracking system are some of the Mufsuf Motors features deployed to ensure flawless ticket purchase to travel transition.
Nothing is as contagious as eagerness. Experience great care given by our hospitable team when you travel with mufsufmotors.com today. We are great enough to accommodate our billions of Customers and small enough to know each one in person. Our job is to satisfy our Customers every single time.